fade-leftfade-right     WHAT IS eDISCOVERY ?

eDiscovery (electronic discovery) is defined as the process of discovery in litigation that is carried out in electronic formats. It embodies what most often is referred to as electronically stored information, or ESI.

Commonly when people began a search for documentation, they look for or request data in hard copy form. The reality is that data is now stored electronically; It has become mandatory for companies in America to have digital records.  Electronic discovery first officially became a legal term with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that became effective in 2006. The law specifically states that all potential discovery evidence, including emails be preserved and produced when relevant.

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                                                                  TYPES OF ESI

  • Emails, Texts, Chats, & Instant Messages
  • Video, Audio, & Image Files
  • Word processing & Spreadsheet files
  • Contracts, Loan Documents, & Various Forms
  • Information Posted On Social Networking Websites
  • Voice Mails & Video Mail
  • Website Activity & History

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  • Do you want to save your home from Foreclosure?
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If your reply was "yes" to any of these questions, then an electronic forensic audit is the right action for you.

Extracting electronic data is a very tedious task and a journey through the sea of electronic documents so before we lay the groundwork on what is typically required to began extracting Electronically Stored Data, we will thoroughly examine your situation.


Our mission is to play the role of a social change agent to empower consumers through the use uncovering electronically stored information (ESI) to resolve conflict.  Documentary evidence, whether in paper or electronic format, has always been and will always be compelling in civil or criminal cases.  Our mission is to inform individuals who may be experiencing a consumer debt crisis, homeowners who may be going through foreclosure, or individuals experiencing wrongful termination, personal injury, or financial arbitration, the role that uncovering ESI will play in facilitating a resolution to your crisis.