Our mission is to play the role of a social change agent to empower consumers through the use uncovering electronically stored information (ESI) to resolve conflict.  Documentary evidence, whether in paper or electronic format, has always been and will always be compelling in civil or criminal cases.  Our mission is to inform individuals who may be experiencing a consumer debt crisis, homeowners who may be going through foreclosure, or individuals experiencing wrongful termination, personal injury, or financial arbitration, the role that uncovering ESI will play in facilitating a resolution to your crisis.


  • Authorized House Counsel,  Author,  &  eDiscovery Consultant

  • Emanuel Michael

    e-Discovery Consultant, Radio Personality, Instructor, Credit & Debt Specialist

  • Dr. Erica Williams-Michael, Ph.D.

    Instructor and Curriculum Design Specialist

Like it or not, eDiscovery is here and will be here for a long time.  Today, all litigants, pro se or otherwise, have a duty to request and disclose electronically stored information.  Whether your case is one surrounding foreclosure, consumer debt, medical debt, personal injury, wrongful termination, or financial arbitration, discovery issues relating to ESI will have to be addressed and resolved.   Thus, the importance of understanding electronically stored information.  Our job is to guide you along with the nuts and bolts of ediscovery for your particular situation.